Thursday, July 28, 2011

Collect your coupons!

The first step to couponing is to collect your coupons.   You can get coupons from several sources.  The best source and my personal favorite is from the Sunday News paper.  Most Sundays there are 2 inserts, a red plum and a smartsource.  At the beginning of the month there is usually an extra insert called a P&G.  P&G are awesome inserts that contains health & beauty coupons and household items.

You can also get coupons from online sources. is a great coupon source and most likely the best.  You can also use and  Most companies have facebook pages, this is also a great way to find coupons for your favorite products.

Also, NEVER throw a way a coupon until it expire.  Even if you think you may never use that product, don't throw it away.   I have often said that I would never buy this item even if it is cheap, so then I throw the coupon away, then days later the item goes on sale. You never know when an item may go on sale where you can get it free or even get overage from it.

Collect coupons is the very first step to couponing.  Save your coupons week to week.  Use what you need as you need it, then your ready to start hunting for deals!  I'll explain how to find amazing deals in my next post!

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