Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Quilt Storage

God Willing I have plans to begin building a house within the near future, or at least buying one. So right now I'm going through this phase where I'm wanting to buy alot of "house stuff". I'm really in to antiques and have been spending alot of time at flea markets, yard sales and junk stores.

What seems like forever ago, I pinned this. I thought it was the cutest thing, but at $90 some dollars, I wasn't fixing to buy it.  I had the bright idea to build it myself which probably would have never happened. (This item is actually no longer for sale)

Like fate, I found a very similar cupboard at an indoor flea market. I was real iffy about buying it.  Even walked away from it twice. I'm so glad I bought it now.  Its absolutely beautiful.

(Crappy iPhone Picture)
All the quilts(except one) I have in this cupboard are my grandmothers.  I plan on putting one more in the second shelf and seeing how that looks. The buttons sitting on the top came out of my grandmothers sewing table. The bear was my mothers. I love being able to have stuff that has a special meaning on displany in my house. 

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Fathers Day Weekend

Father's Day weekend was great! I wouldn't have had it any other way. Saturday morning we went yard saling again, yes i am addicted! We went to Glendale ky thinking there would be a large sale. There was many sales but we bought a ton of junk!

My favorite find was this huge wicker basket for $2. My immediate thought when I seen it was that would look awesome with a huge fern in it. 

After that dad played a trick on me with the weed eater that we won't get into. Then I went to a family Father's Day fish fry. 

Sunday dad up up my glass front door. I've been wanting one of these so I can just open the front door and see out. Plus it lets so much light into my dark house!
 There rest of the day was spent relaxing and watching Oz. which I must say was a pretty cute movie! How was your weekend??

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Monday, June 10, 2013


First off y'all must know I was so excited to go yard saling today I literally tossed and turned all night! 6 am couldn't get here soon enough. What's so special one may ask. It  is the 400 mile yard sale. Yes 400 full miles for yards full of other people's junk!

So after all that excitement, we really didn't buy all that much. 
This was a pretty poor haul compared to how we normally do.  Some of my favorite finds was a mirror(that will need to be painted), a old fashion crank ice cream maker and a house plan book.

After the yard sales, we went to this little burger joint in island. Island is such a small town they literally don't have a stop light. Honestly I don't know if you can even consider it a town. However they have some of the best hamburgers around! 

The last event of the night I'm kind of embarrassed to even share. We went to some tractor pulls. We hadnt planned to go but just kind of figured out they were going on and thought we would go. It had to be the most redneck tractor pulls I had ever been too! 

Sunday was a much more laid back day that consisted of church, homework, feeding the catfish, and watching a movie while it stormed.  Laying in the living room with the windows opening listening to it storm is so amazing. Best thing ever! 
We watched safe haven and I must say if you have never seen it, you have to go to redbox and rent it RIGHT NOW. The story line is amazing. I was squeezing my boyfriends arm so tight at one point my fingers were going numb haha! 

That was my weekend...might not the most exciting but I had alot of fun!

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Friday, June 7, 2013

Purpose of my blog

I've had a very hard time focusing on blogging. I decided to take a step back and reevaluate what I wanted from my blog. I soon realized I didn't want a "fashion" blog or a "craft blog, etc. I just want a blog that I can share my memories. A blog that I can look back on and remember what I was doing in that period of my life.

I believe this is what I really wanted from the start but I was so focused on getting followers and making my blog popular I lost sight of the whole reason I started this blog. I want to remember all the small details that go along with life's milestones. Hopefully now I can actually have this blog the way I really want it.

My favorite thing about summer is FLOWERS! I am literally obsessed. Pretty much any time I go anywhere I have to come home with a new flower. I just get so excited thinking about it haha! Sometime ago I found a pin on pinterest of this porch setting and I noticed antique coke crates sitting like they are in my picture. I thought Hey that would look great with some flowers in it!
On Memorial day we went to this huge flea market and found a ton of coke crates. I only wanted four but ended up getting a deal that I couldn't pass up so I ended up with four. You can always use coke crates to decorate.
Once I got home, I stacked my crates and added my pot of impatients.  Something looked a little off about it so I added 3 little pots of ivy and some burlap around my pot of impatients.  It looks great now! I couldn't be happier with it!
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