Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Quilt Storage

God Willing I have plans to begin building a house within the near future, or at least buying one. So right now I'm going through this phase where I'm wanting to buy alot of "house stuff". I'm really in to antiques and have been spending alot of time at flea markets, yard sales and junk stores.

What seems like forever ago, I pinned this. I thought it was the cutest thing, but at $90 some dollars, I wasn't fixing to buy it.  I had the bright idea to build it myself which probably would have never happened. (This item is actually no longer for sale)

Like fate, I found a very similar cupboard at an indoor flea market. I was real iffy about buying it.  Even walked away from it twice. I'm so glad I bought it now.  Its absolutely beautiful.

(Crappy iPhone Picture)
All the quilts(except one) I have in this cupboard are my grandmothers.  I plan on putting one more in the second shelf and seeing how that looks. The buttons sitting on the top came out of my grandmothers sewing table. The bear was my mothers. I love being able to have stuff that has a special meaning on displany in my house. 

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  1. I love the quilts from your grandma! How fun.