Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Birthday Celebrations

I'm a little late on sharing this, but this past Friday was my Grandmother's birthday.  My grandfather's birthday is during the first week of November so we had them a little get together.   It was hosted at my aunt and uncles house.  They had a just finished a new addition a few months ago and were excited to have some company over.   And I must say, the new addition is ah-mazing. I'm in love!

Papaw trying to do Bunny Ears.
This is my Mamaw and Papaw. 

The definition of crazy barely describes my Mamaw, and she gets real excited when there's a bunch of people together.  She spent 30 minutes reading ever single word of her birthday cards to me and made sure I understood every saying. Haha.  Mom and Dad bought her a toothpick dispenser, the one with the little parrot that you push down and it picks up the toothpick in it's mouth.  My mamaw thought it was the cutest thing one day when they were out to eat, so mom and dad picked one up for her.  I wish now I would have got a picture of her with that toothpick dispenser!
This is my aunt and my mom.

This is my aunt and uncle and their little baby, Zoie.
Papaw and I
I know the picture quality is crap, but I had been at work all day and didn't have my good camera with me. There pictures will work just fine though!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

National Cat Day + a Giveaway!

Were going to keep this short and sweet today because it's National Cat day! Meow!

I have always wanted to host my very own giveaway on my blog!   And on this very day I will host a giveaway that is completely unrelated to National Cat day!  By entering you have a chance of winning a $5 Truth in Aging Gift Card!  They have a ton of great skin care products that is worth checking out!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Winners will be verified 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Monster Monday Sale

Today is the very last Monster Monday Scentsy Sale!

There are huge discounts with 75% off select items. I have never seen scentsy items so cheap! It's today only, and items sell out fast, so head over to my Scentsy site today and see if there is anything you would like!  
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Thursday, October 24, 2013

No Spend November

Instead of celebrating our men's beloved "No Shave November" because let's face it, a woman not shaving can get pretty scary, November is officially "No Spend November." Don't worry, we're not taking away all your freedom to spend. The idea is to just work on one area of your spending. So, think of something you spend quite a bit of money on and stop your spending for 30 days. I love to blow money at consignment stores, antique malls and craft stores, so I plan to avoid those!

No Spend November

And it's okay, because a few other people are going to be doing it with you. Your hosts Paige from A Dose of Paige, Heather from The Life Unexpected, Olivia from The Lovely Sisters, Kenya from My Pending Life and Keely from Hairbows and Butter are doing this all right along with you! So how does it go down? It's pretty simple.

 On November 1st, come to one of our blogs and link up a post about what you're not spending money on in November. It could be anything from not eating out to not buying anymore books. Tell us why you're not spending money on it and tell us what you're going to do when you're tempted to go spend the money. Like, when I'm tempted to go shopping, I'll go play with my dog instead. Then, stop your spending, unless it's a necessity. Like, if you start a new job and need a new uniform, but you're not spending money on clothes. obviously, buy your uniform. I promise we won't come after you with pitchforks.

 On November 15th, come and link up a post on how you're doing. Maybe you're doing fantastic and want to brag about all the money you saved or maybe you're really struggling, maybe even went out and bought a few things/spent money on something and need some encouragement. Either way, we want to hear about it!

Finally, on November 29th, come back one more time and tell us what your experience was. Maybe it was awful and you hated it, even with all the money you saved. Or maybe you're super excited and realized you don't need the thing you stopped spending money on anyway, you love all the money you saved. Maybe you've realized that you can't possibly ever go without the thing you stopped spending money on or maybe it opened up your eyes. Even if you stop partway through, please link up and share your experience on November 30th! Whew, that was alot I know but I wanted to make sure you had all the details.

 So tell me, are you coming back on November 1st and participating?! Sound off in the comments about what you're not going to spend money on!

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pumpkin Spiced Latte and Blueberry Pancakes!!!

Something you may not know about me is I am a Scentsy consultant. I sell Scentsy and I absolutely love Scentsy! If you don't know what Scentsy is, here is a diagram that pretty much explains it all!
So to keep the love of Scentsy alive and fun, I want to share some Scentsy recipes. This is just a combination between a few Scentsy to make a brand new scent! I have to recipes to share with you today, and follow my blog and keep checking back for new recipes!

Like what you see and want to try out these recipes?? Order the bars you need here.

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HUMP DAYY! ...Blog Hop

Welcome to the 25th Hump Day Hop!  Brought to you by...
We are excited to have Kenya from My Pending Life as our co-host this week!
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Thursday, October 17, 2013

I hate my thyroid

The title says it all...

I hate my thyroid.

I have been battling hypothyroidism for two full years now. My doctor and I thought it was under control and blood work was checked a year later and my blood levels were way out of whack.  I have now went for almost another full year trying new medications to control it and we just haven't gotten there yet.  I feel so tired and lazy all the time.  I know being tired is a symptom of hypothyroid but after you feel this way for two whole years, you begin to wonder if you ever felt any way different.  I have lists and lists of projects I'd love to do but I just can't make myself go do them.   

Today I made a trip to the doctor to have my medication increased, so here goes another 6 weeks. Hope this works this time.

I just hate my thyroid.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Corgi Love

I have been crushing on a corgi for a long time now. I love there little bitty short legs and those pointy ears. I even have my name picked out...Cory the Corgi. I have a dog and 2 cats so I'm not allowed to have another pet, but they are just so dang cute. I'm obsessed!

Hope my corgi love brought a smile to your face!

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Monster Monday Sale

Scentsy is having a Monster Monday sale every Monday in October. There are deep discounts on different items each Monday. Run over and check out today's sale now!

 A full size Halloween scentsy warmer for $8.75! That's crazy! You've gotta order by midnight so hurry up and find some great deals!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Fashion Friday

Warning: This is my first attempt at an outfit post. Repeat, This is my first attempt.

I must say my first attempt at an outfit post turned out to be a very comical experience.  I picked out my currently favorite outfit and outside I went with my camera. I took a several terrible pictures, turned out with very few good pictures.

During this photo session outside in my front yard, some random dude pulls into my driveway trying to buy some old junk cars we have collected that are waiting to be restored. After telling him they are not for sale and him pouting a little right in front of me, he leaves and immediately some other guy pulls in to drop off a car to be worked on.  I was getting no where! And at this point was a little freaked out by the random dude that had blood pouring out of his ear, so I gave up on the photo session for the day.

and a blooper...

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Beer Dip

 Whats better than hot wings, chips and dip and a cold beer on Game day??  I haven't found a way to combined all three just yet but I have found a way to combined chip dip and beer to make... beer dip!
This recipe would be great for tailgating or a Super Bowl Party. It's really easy too!

1- 8oz Cream Cheese
1-pack of dry Ranch dressing mix
2/3 Cup Beer
2-3 cups Shredded Cheese

1.In a large bowl, beat the cream cheese, beer and dressing mix until blended.
2.Stir in cheese.
3.Serve with chips or pretzels.

Adapted from Lady Behind The Curtain 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

House Must Haves

Since my recent purchase of my land, I have been constantly thinking about building a house. Building a house is a big decision and shouldn't be taken lightly.

My house must have: 
3 bedrooms.
Office/craft room space
Large laundry room
My favorite household chore is laundry and the laundry room at my house now is barely large enough to turn around in. I'd die to have a large laundry room.

Another little secret about me. I hate open concept homes. Something about having the kitchen and living room as one room just bothers me. Majority of house plans now are open concept. I can handle open concept as long as the kitchen is not visible from the living room and can feel like a separate room.

Large walkin closet

Large front porch

Wish list:
Garage connected to house
Tray ceiling in master bedroom

Pantry (this is nearly a must have)

Pinterest makes me incredibly excited to build my house! I just can't wait!

Any house builders have any advice??

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Great Smoky Mountains

Okay this goes to show you how much I suck at blogging. I wrote this post weeks ago and was to lazy to upload my pictures. I finally decided I needed to suck it up and get my pictures uploaded and document this fun vacation while I can. So better late than never...

I have recently returned from my yearly trip to the Smoky Mountains and I must say it was the best trip yet.  Every year we pack our bags and head to Pigeon Forge, TN for the Grand Rod Run. This is a large car show put on twice a year by the Grand hotel.  If you have been to Pigeon Forge before, imagine the entire strip being lined with classic cars. I'm telling you this place is full of them! Traffic is terrible and there is hardly any place to park, but it is AWESOME! This past year was our 6th year attending the Rod Run and we decided to focus our attention more on being in the Smokies than looking at the old cars, even though we did that too.

We left early Thursday morning and arrived in the Smokies around 10am. There were some scattered rain showers in the area but from the radar didn't appear to have any near us.  So we headed up the mountain like we had planned. I took some pictures with my new camera and we found a hiking trail to go on.

Once we were 1.5 miles from the truck, we go caught in a flood. Yes please, 1.5 miles away from the truck. We waited it out under the "arch rock" which was one of the destinations on the hike, for 30 minutes. We had no cell phone signal so no way to check the radar. After some discussion we decide it may never stop raining so we headed back to the truck. 1.5 miles in the rain. I just can't get over it! WE WERE SOAKED! I'm sure we wont ever forget that story! Once we made it back to Gatlinburg, we had a good laugh watching people jump back from the streets when people would run through the water puddles and splash the pedestrians.  It was hilarious. I wish I could have caught it on video.

That night a huge storm rolled in. It was one of the freakiest storms I have ever seen. Since there wasn't much else to do, we decided to go to the comedy barn since I hadn't ever been. It was great. I laughed until I cried. I highly recommend going to the comedy barn if you haven't ever been!

Friday, we spent the day at Dollywood. This was another place I hadn't ever been before. This theme park is pretty awesome. I has several good roller coasters and a ton of shows to watch. It also has a full size real train to tour the park.  This is another place I recommend you should go if you haven't ever been. It is so beautiful.

Saturday, we spent most of the day walking around looking at old cars.  We also made a trip to Gatliburg to sample the moonshine at the Great Smoky Mountain Distillery. I'm pretty weak when it comes to alcohol and I had a pretty good buzz by the time I sampled all the different types!  That night we ate at Bennett's BBQ, which is my favorite place to eat in the Smokies!

Sunday, we had to pack up our stuff and head home. I was so sad to leave since it was one of the best vacations I had ever been on!  I absolutely can't wait to the next trip I can take!