Saturday, November 30, 2013

Black Friday Haul 2013

We now have another Black Friday (or should I say Brown Thursday) in the books. I absolutely love Black Friday and fall for the ridiculous marketing tactics played by retail every year.  Good job Walmart for persuading me to arrive at your store at 3pm to get a $75 tv and some other meaningless stuff.

But needless to say, I have a blast with my family and we enjoy spending time with each other shopping so it's became a tradition. 

And look at all the good deals I got!  We went to walmart, kohls and target, and got basically every deal we wanted. The only thing that we wanted that we didn't get was a $75 curl secret. 

And here is everything out of the bag and actually organized.

We got home at one am and just through everything into a pile. So I organized everything to take a picture this morning. 

Total spent: $731.29
Total saved:$1734.15
Savings: $1,002.86
Best deal: my best deal was by far the kitchen aid mixer. Normally $299 and after kohls cash I got it for $100!!! I'm going to wrap it up and make myself wait til Christmas to use it, my Christmas present to myself!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! There is so much to be thankful for, I could write a book listing all the thing I'm thankful for.

I'm thankful for my life, the ability to walk, talk, eat and to be able to function normally.
I'm thankful for the lord, my savior, who guides me.
I'm thankful for my family and all they have done for me.
I'm thankful for my home and future home.
I'm thankful for the job that supports me.

There's so many things to be thankful for! Consider your life and take this day to realize all the things your are thankful for.

Friday, November 22, 2013


I have been a terrible blogger this week. I've felt like crap every single day and finally feel some better after sleeping in till 10 am this morning, I haven't sleep that late since middle school. Sunday I was head-butted (if that's even a word) by our bottle fed calf, Dolly. And I was pretty sure my nose was broken. Ever since then, my nose, jaw and teeth have hurt so bad I have barely even ate solid food. Confirmed by a doctor nothing was wrong and I was just a big baby haha! So now that everything's better how about a high 5 for Friday!

1. This week is over, and it's the weekend!

2.My cat cliff, remains by my side in sickness and health!

3. May or May not be slightly crazy for this one...

4. Haylee, form Jets and a Brunette, is hosting an online Scentsy Party. Head over and order from it now!! There's so many good things to be had!

5.Pray for the families affected during the storms on Sunday.
Many families homes were damage, but not as bad as this one.  This family lost everything but thankful no one was hurt.  A donation drive is being hosted and thankful the family has been relocated to a new home.

H54F instafriday

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas is.....
Of course every girl wants a diamond for Christmas. 

Something you may not know about me, I'm not engaged.  I have been dating my boyfriend for 7 years now, we've discussed getting engaged lightly, but it just hasn't happened for us yet. So of course, I like to drool over engagement rings.  But what girl doesn't like to drool over a pretty ring right??

Here are some rings I'm loving..

Source unknown

 I'm not picky, any one of these would work just fine!!! 
What type of ring do ya'll like??
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Friday, November 15, 2013

No Spend November update

We're half way there!

This hasn't been as hard as I thought. I haven't had the urge to go to any antique malls thus far and I've got such a busy next few weeks, I won't have time to go!

Now I have spent just a few dollars on some craft supplies. $5 total if that. Very cheap stuff. 

I kinda failed with the clothing deal thou. Old navy had there vests on sale for $15 one weekend so I racked up on some vests. I hated to wait and have to buy them at the higher price. 

I do feel like I've saved a little bit of money so far which I'll have to put toward this terribly expensive doctor bill I got in the mall yesterday!

How's your no spend November going?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hoop Art

 I'm so exhausted today I don't know if I could type a post that made any sense. I'm going to spare ya'll from some long winded post that literally makes no sense at all and just share some pictures of some projects I finished this week.

My very first attempt at embroidery...

Some personalized hoop art as a baby shower gift
A quick snapshot of a Christmas ornament I attempted.
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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weekend Wrap up

I love nice relaxing weekends at Home. Weekends when you don't have to put on make up or fix your hair, you can just lounge around all day! That's basically been my weekend!

Saturday morning we went to a christmas open house and seen alot neat christmas ideas! Hopefully I can recreate some things and post some pictures of my creations on the blog, maybe even sell a few on etsy! I absolutely love going to things like that and getting ideas.  That night was the annual deer hunters supper! We get these to go dinners every year and they are so good. I literally count down the days. It's just turkey and dressing so I don't know what makes it so special but it is so good.

At the deer hunter supper they had a quilt raffle and guess what! We WON! 

Ok a little back story to this next part, early that morning my boyfriend hit a deer and dented up his car. It was his old work car and he does body work and paints on cars for a living so we weren't to tore up about it. After the deer hunter supper my mom and dad went to go get groceries and right before they left they said they were going to drive moms old car in case they hit a deer. Low and behold 5 minutes down the road they call to tell me they hit a deer, or actually it hit them. Ran smack into the side of the car lol.  It didn't really hurt the car, just broke off the passenger side mirror.  Mom said she could hear antlers clanging down the window haha. The deer have been wild this weekend.

Saturday night was spent as a craft night for me and I hope to share some of my crafts on here later this week! 

Sunday I went to church and after church, me and dad went to collect to old barnwood for another project. And we got to go in and check out this house a neighbor is building.  The outside is beautiful but I wasn't to keen on the inside. 

The rest of the day was spent relaxing by the fire, playing candy crush and crafting a little!

How was your weekend??

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

lost my paper....that sucks!

Completely unrelated but I can't focus on anything else right now and I need to vent. I lost my entire paper for school. Thankfully it was only 2 page paper, but it was finished! I was fixing to turn it in! I know your probably thinking, why didn't you save it dummy. Well I thought I did! Evidently it was a autorecovery file I was saving, so when my computer shut down, bye bye autorecovery file. So I only have a few days to rewrite it but instead I'm saying screw it for a little bit. I'll start on it sometime tomorrow!

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Make the best of fall....

One of the best things about fall is the new fragrances! I just love fall scents! At the very first sign of fall, my house being a little autumn bakery. Scentsy makes some awesome fall scents and there are some many great options when you mix and match. Here are some great recipes to make a few extra scents this fall!

Like what you see?!?! Order the scents you need here.

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Friday, November 1, 2013

No Spend November Link Up

I'm  going to try something new this month. I love a little challenge and this will be perfect for my situation. If you follow my blog, you probably already know I'm making November a no spend month. If you don't follow my blog, you definitely should! I've seen these little challenges before and always wanted to try it out. And what better month, considering I need to be saving for Christmas! 

So what exactly am I not going to spend my money on? I love to buy junk, literally junk. I love going to antique shops, consignment stores and flea market malls and buying anything that I think looks cool. So I'm going to refrain from buying junk. 
I'm also going to refrain from buying clothes. My closet is so full I couldn't find another place to put something if I did buy it. And you want to know what is sad. The only day I don't wear scrubs of pajamas are on Saturday and Sunday, so do I really need 50 winter outfits?  No probably not, but I can't help myself sometimes.
Also this month I'm not going to buy one single craft supply. I have several crafts in mind with the supplies on hand, therefore I'm going to force myself to complete the crafts I bought the supplies for instead of buying new supplies for different crafts!
I only have 2 exceptions to my no spend month, I can still buying Christmas gifts and I will go Black Friday shopping. There's no way I'm missing Black Friday! And majority of everything I buy on Black Friday is a gift anyhow! 
So I encourage you to try this challenge with me.  Link up below with a post about what you're going to refrain from spending your money on, then on the 15th we will meet again for a progress post, and on the 29th we will finish with a how we did post.  And it's okay if you break down and buy your self something, maybe in the end you will have at least saved yourself a little bit of money!

I don't know about you but I'm excited to see how much money I can save during November!