Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weekend Wrap up

I love nice relaxing weekends at Home. Weekends when you don't have to put on make up or fix your hair, you can just lounge around all day! That's basically been my weekend!

Saturday morning we went to a christmas open house and seen alot neat christmas ideas! Hopefully I can recreate some things and post some pictures of my creations on the blog, maybe even sell a few on etsy! I absolutely love going to things like that and getting ideas.  That night was the annual deer hunters supper! We get these to go dinners every year and they are so good. I literally count down the days. It's just turkey and dressing so I don't know what makes it so special but it is so good.

At the deer hunter supper they had a quilt raffle and guess what! We WON! 

Ok a little back story to this next part, early that morning my boyfriend hit a deer and dented up his car. It was his old work car and he does body work and paints on cars for a living so we weren't to tore up about it. After the deer hunter supper my mom and dad went to go get groceries and right before they left they said they were going to drive moms old car in case they hit a deer. Low and behold 5 minutes down the road they call to tell me they hit a deer, or actually it hit them. Ran smack into the side of the car lol.  It didn't really hurt the car, just broke off the passenger side mirror.  Mom said she could hear antlers clanging down the window haha. The deer have been wild this weekend.

Saturday night was spent as a craft night for me and I hope to share some of my crafts on here later this week! 

Sunday I went to church and after church, me and dad went to collect to old barnwood for another project. And we got to go in and check out this house a neighbor is building.  The outside is beautiful but I wasn't to keen on the inside. 

The rest of the day was spent relaxing by the fire, playing candy crush and crafting a little!

How was your weekend??

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