Wednesday, February 26, 2014

a little appreciation.

lets talk about appreciation. it seems like it is hard to come by now days. I appreciate what I have and what I am provided with and I appreciate what I am given but I believe majority of people will agree with me when I say, I sometime fall short on showing my appreciation.

sometimes saying thank you is plenty, but sometimes an act of kindness would be more appropriate.

let me tell you a story...

a super sweet lady I work with called me up one day wanting to switch work days with me. it was going to put me working an extra sunday and to be quite honest I really didn't want to but I hated to say now. I really liked this woman and appreciated working with her, so I agreed to switch days.

this past sunday was the day I agreed to work for her. when I arrived to work the charge nurse gave me an envelope and told me she thought it had something in it so not to loose it. I had no clue what it was where it came from or anything. I thought maybe a previous patient brought it buy but had no clue where they would have gotten my last name from.  when I finally got time to open it, I found a thank you card and a gift card.

I think I nearly hit the floor when I seen it was from the lady I worked with. it was such a sweet sweet random act of kindness. to me in this situation a thank you was all that was needed to show her appreciation but she went above and beyond. it just makes me smile to see what a great person this lady is and I wish the world could be more like her.

this is something I never want to forget.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Fridays With Cliff

If you read my last post you already know about my valentines day gift.  If you haven't, well I got a new camera lens!  This is one of the first pictures I took with the lens and I must say I am in love!!  The clarity is perfect! 

this man right here is my baby, cliff.
I'm a little obsessed, almost cat lady obsessed. He looks mean in this picture but I just woke him up!  He's laying a old quilt my grandmother made me, which combines my two favorite things.  Quilts and Cliff! 
I hope to make posting beautiful pictures of Cliff a regular occasion. 

My valentines

Low and behold I had to work on valentines day, never fails but no big deal because I had Saturday off. 
Me and my man had a nice laid back valentines that involved dinner, grocery shopping and a night on the couch. Yes we are that 50 year old couple. 

We did however get each other some gifts that we wouldn't typically buy for ourselfs.  I got him a big nice toolbox which came with a slightly funny story. 

You may remember a few posts back where I posted about my car being frozen over. Well I went to buy his gift only to realize my trunk was frozen shut and I couldn't get it open to bring the gift home, so that night I took him to the store so he could bring his gift home. So we get out to the car with it and it won't fit in his car either.  We had to take it out of the box and put pieces in the back seat and trunk to get it home!!!

On Saturday I finally got my gift which involved chocolate, a hobby lobby gift card and a new camera lens! 
50mm f1.8 I absolutely love it! The colors are so much more vivid than my other camera. 

That sums up our valentines, pretty simple. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Help, I can't make up my mind!

Cutting my hair has always been a huge deal to me!  Right now I have a long straight cut with one single layer in it.  I just feel blah about it!  I need a new style!  Here's some styles I'm loving.

I follow these two lovely ladies on Instagram and I am loving there hair styles.   Kate's hair style (the first picture) is my absolute fave, however I suck at styling my hair.  Blow dryer and straightening iron is about as far as I go with styling plus all the products make my head spin.

Kayla's hair looks just so simple and easy. Looks like bad hair days would be virtually impossible.

I have no clue who this is or where the picture originated, I found it on pinterest.  My hair basically already looks like this, but it so dang cute!

I love this cut, but my hair is naturally straight so it'll probably never look like that.

I can't make up my mind people!!!  How would you cut your hair??

Friday, February 7, 2014

Dear Friday

Dear Friday.....

....thank you for taking your time to get here.  Every three weeks I dread seeing your arrival because I know I have to work the weekend, but thanks for taking your time.

....thank you for the sunshine and blue skies after such a dreary, icy week.

Dear Weatherman.... thank you for the very likely chance of snow that you are calling for tonight.

Dear People of Bowling Green....
....your welcome for the good laughs at my expense.  Yes that's an inch of ice on my car, and yes I could only carve out a considerable small hole for my driving ability.

Dear ice on my car....
....thanks for making my life a little more difficult.  Thanks to you my trunk is frozen shut, I wasn't able to get the boyfriends V-day gift, and my car dinged every time I hit a bump thinking you was open.

Dear man who tried to clean off the snow on my car...
...Thank you for trying to be helpful, however it's not snow it's an inch of ice.  It won't be coming off any time soon.

Dear Rilee...
....It's a very good thing you are such a cute dog and I love you very much, otherwise I would like to wear your butt out for tearing every single piece of garbage in the trash can to shreds.

Dear Red Lobster....
.... keep the cheddar biscuits coming tonight.  I'm prepared to embarrass my self.

Dear Raylan Givens...
.... I can't wait to see your beautiful face tonight on justified.  I know your just a character on a TV show but I'm pretty sure I love you.

Dear Friday, you definitely have been eventful.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

On this Thursday in February

Today, on this Thursday in February....

....I spent another day at home in the snow with my fur babies

...I slept in til 8:45 I didn't want to wake from my dream where I was Ava Crowder from Justified

....Finished my first block for my dwell quilt.  It took a ridiculously longer amount of time than I expected and I sliced my finger wide open on the process. 

...played in the snow by taking pictures and trying to get my car out of the driveway.  There was an inch of ice on my windshield to unthaw. But I got my car out of drive ice way without any problems at all.

...fixed breakfast for supper and ate way more than I'm proud of

And tonight I....

....plan on spending my night cuddled up with Clifford, watching Sheldon and reading.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

One thing I will never understand....

One thing I will never understand is how time can fly by you so fast.  It seems like yesterday it was  a New Year and now we are already into the second month.  I am sure this year will fly by just as fast too.

I made a list of goals for this year and posted here.  One of the goals was to obtain my BSN degree which should be completed by the end of the year, God willing.  This program has been entirely online and I must say has been a breeze up until this point.  However with this class setting up observation hours has proven to be difficult. 

Thankfully some people have returned my calls and now I only lack sitting up one day from having my clinical plan completed.

Also to stay on track, I decided to make some goals for February to help me stay on track.   It's really starting to feel like my blog is nothing but a huge list of goals! Oh well it keeps me motivated.  So here it goes..

Goals for February
1. Write 8 Blog Posts
2. Gain a total of 200 followers
3. Read one book
4. Piece a Quilt
5. Transfer Home Video VHS tapes to DVD's