Friday, February 21, 2014

Fridays With Cliff

If you read my last post you already know about my valentines day gift.  If you haven't, well I got a new camera lens!  This is one of the first pictures I took with the lens and I must say I am in love!!  The clarity is perfect! 

this man right here is my baby, cliff.
I'm a little obsessed, almost cat lady obsessed. He looks mean in this picture but I just woke him up!  He's laying a old quilt my grandmother made me, which combines my two favorite things.  Quilts and Cliff! 
I hope to make posting beautiful pictures of Cliff a regular occasion. 


  1. My cat likes to sleep on quilts also and gets the same look on her face whenever I wake her up. Funny cats.

  2. Haha awww I love Cliff!!! I miss having cats, but with 3 dogs right now, that is just impossible!!! What a great pic and you're is very clear!!! =^.^=
    Stephanie @ Meet With a Smile

    1. Thank you! I have one dog too and cliff absolutely hates her! It can be comical at times! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love cats too! Great picture - Cliff looks like he has a lot of personality!