Friday, February 21, 2014

My valentines

Low and behold I had to work on valentines day, never fails but no big deal because I had Saturday off. 
Me and my man had a nice laid back valentines that involved dinner, grocery shopping and a night on the couch. Yes we are that 50 year old couple. 

We did however get each other some gifts that we wouldn't typically buy for ourselfs.  I got him a big nice toolbox which came with a slightly funny story. 

You may remember a few posts back where I posted about my car being frozen over. Well I went to buy his gift only to realize my trunk was frozen shut and I couldn't get it open to bring the gift home, so that night I took him to the store so he could bring his gift home. So we get out to the car with it and it won't fit in his car either.  We had to take it out of the box and put pieces in the back seat and trunk to get it home!!!

On Saturday I finally got my gift which involved chocolate, a hobby lobby gift card and a new camera lens! 
50mm f1.8 I absolutely love it! The colors are so much more vivid than my other camera. 

That sums up our valentines, pretty simple. 

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  1. I love that lens. A lot of people buy it and say its so versatile and easy to use. Glad you like it.