Wednesday, February 26, 2014

a little appreciation.

lets talk about appreciation. it seems like it is hard to come by now days. I appreciate what I have and what I am provided with and I appreciate what I am given but I believe majority of people will agree with me when I say, I sometime fall short on showing my appreciation.

sometimes saying thank you is plenty, but sometimes an act of kindness would be more appropriate.

let me tell you a story...

a super sweet lady I work with called me up one day wanting to switch work days with me. it was going to put me working an extra sunday and to be quite honest I really didn't want to but I hated to say now. I really liked this woman and appreciated working with her, so I agreed to switch days.

this past sunday was the day I agreed to work for her. when I arrived to work the charge nurse gave me an envelope and told me she thought it had something in it so not to loose it. I had no clue what it was where it came from or anything. I thought maybe a previous patient brought it buy but had no clue where they would have gotten my last name from.  when I finally got time to open it, I found a thank you card and a gift card.

I think I nearly hit the floor when I seen it was from the lady I worked with. it was such a sweet sweet random act of kindness. to me in this situation a thank you was all that was needed to show her appreciation but she went above and beyond. it just makes me smile to see what a great person this lady is and I wish the world could be more like her.

this is something I never want to forget.

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