Friday, February 22, 2013

High Five for Friday

YAY! It's finally friday! Let's review my week!

1.Had Amazing Floor Seats at a Rock Concert

2.Created a new look for my blog (still looks a little rough but I'm working on it!)
3.Completed week 3 of my C25K

4.Joined the Pinterest Challenege with Merrick at


5.Oh Yeah and I've had the whole week off!

High five for Friday and share your week with us at Lauren's blog!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pinterest Challenege

This past Tuesday Merrick at posted about a Pinterest Challenge. The whole purpose of this challenge is to actually do the recipes, crafts, ect. that you pin because you think you will but never actually do. I thought this was a very neat idea because I have a ton of pins that I would actually like to complete! So for this challenge you pick 6 pins and complete them over the next six weeks. So here are my six pins. free online photo editor, fun photo effects

1. Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Bell Peppers.
2.Chambray and White demin
3.Skillet Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies
4.Detox Bath
5.Oversized Flannel Shirt with Scarf
6.Wire Heart Bracelet

How hard can it be right?!?!? Follow me over the next 6 weeks as I complete these 6 pins!

Sisters Share It All: Pinterest Challenge

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Random Wednesday

Thankfully I have an entire wednesday to myself! This doesn't happen often. So with my entire wednesday off, I have worked on my blog, cleaned out my closet, and completed another day of my C25K.

How do you like this new look on my blog? I'm just getting started in blogging and I have realized I have a WHOLE lot to learn. After several hours of struggling I have added a very small about me section, and a link to my twitter account. I can't believe how long these two little tasks actually took me. Please follow me on twitter and my blog!

Today I will leave you with a motivation quote that fits my blogging situation perfectly at the moment!

200x200 photo b6415a80-7a93-4ea9-b287-867bc2bfe3a8_zps9ebeca09.jpg

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend recap

Here's my weekend recap, better late than never right? This weekend I actually did something pretty exciting. We went to our first rock concert ever. So don't get me wrong, I've been to several country music concerts but never a rock concert.

Long story short, a friend of ours gave us two free tickets. We had no clue where the seats would be, and wasn't real sure who was actually playing at this concert. So Saturday afternoon head out and drove 2 hours for this mystery concert.

Once we get to the arena, we go get our tickets. Come to find out we had FLOOR seats. Instantly I have thoughts of mosh pits, and people jumping on top of other people. So once were in the arena I see that there are no chairs down on the ground section which was new to me because every country concert I had been to there had been chairs on the floor section.

Oh yeah I guess you want to know who's play: POD, three days grace and shinedown! We were so excited for three days grace and shinedown but didn't know who the crap POD was. Once the concert starts, everyone runs to the stage and the jumping that I was afraid of started haha! We stayed back away from the crowd and actually had fun once three days grace started.

Needless to say we are by no means rockers! All though we would have much rather had a seat a little higher up we did enjoy it. The funny thing was there are no telling how many people would have enjoyed our tickets and we was wanting tickets off the floor haha!

New look

Today I have spent a little time working on the look of my blog! I didn't like the tradition theme and decided I would like to have a header unique to my blog. After a little work I created a very basic new header that I think looks fresh and unique. This works great for my new start! What do you think about my minimalistic approach??

Monday, February 4, 2013

My Lamp Project!

Long story short I came across these old lamps at my grandmother's house. They had been sitting in an old falling down house for 12 years now and was very very dirty and nearly ruined. I loved the look and wanted to save them. Thus this project began!
So here is the before picture:


I started out by cleaning them up real good, they had a lot of dirt on them. At first my plan was to paint the gold base silver but I thought it would be better to have one even color to bring out the blue. Still don't know if that was the best decision but oh well!

Here's the finished product!


Only one is pictured but there are actually two of them! I absolutely love them but I'm not quite sure where I'm going to put them!
TDC Before and After