Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Random Wednesday

Thankfully I have an entire wednesday to myself! This doesn't happen often. So with my entire wednesday off, I have worked on my blog, cleaned out my closet, and completed another day of my C25K.

How do you like this new look on my blog? I'm just getting started in blogging and I have realized I have a WHOLE lot to learn. After several hours of struggling I have added a very small about me section, and a link to my twitter account. I can't believe how long these two little tasks actually took me. Please follow me on twitter and my blog!

Today I will leave you with a motivation quote that fits my blogging situation perfectly at the moment!

200x200 photo b6415a80-7a93-4ea9-b287-867bc2bfe3a8_zps9ebeca09.jpg

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