Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend recap

Here's my weekend recap, better late than never right? This weekend I actually did something pretty exciting. We went to our first rock concert ever. So don't get me wrong, I've been to several country music concerts but never a rock concert.

Long story short, a friend of ours gave us two free tickets. We had no clue where the seats would be, and wasn't real sure who was actually playing at this concert. So Saturday afternoon head out and drove 2 hours for this mystery concert.

Once we get to the arena, we go get our tickets. Come to find out we had FLOOR seats. Instantly I have thoughts of mosh pits, and people jumping on top of other people. So once were in the arena I see that there are no chairs down on the ground section which was new to me because every country concert I had been to there had been chairs on the floor section.

Oh yeah I guess you want to know who's play: POD, three days grace and shinedown! We were so excited for three days grace and shinedown but didn't know who the crap POD was. Once the concert starts, everyone runs to the stage and the jumping that I was afraid of started haha! We stayed back away from the crowd and actually had fun once three days grace started.

Needless to say we are by no means rockers! All though we would have much rather had a seat a little higher up we did enjoy it. The funny thing was there are no telling how many people would have enjoyed our tickets and we was wanting tickets off the floor haha!

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