Friday, November 22, 2013


I have been a terrible blogger this week. I've felt like crap every single day and finally feel some better after sleeping in till 10 am this morning, I haven't sleep that late since middle school. Sunday I was head-butted (if that's even a word) by our bottle fed calf, Dolly. And I was pretty sure my nose was broken. Ever since then, my nose, jaw and teeth have hurt so bad I have barely even ate solid food. Confirmed by a doctor nothing was wrong and I was just a big baby haha! So now that everything's better how about a high 5 for Friday!

1. This week is over, and it's the weekend!

2.My cat cliff, remains by my side in sickness and health!

3. May or May not be slightly crazy for this one...

4. Haylee, form Jets and a Brunette, is hosting an online Scentsy Party. Head over and order from it now!! There's so many good things to be had!

5.Pray for the families affected during the storms on Sunday.
Many families homes were damage, but not as bad as this one.  This family lost everything but thankful no one was hurt.  A donation drive is being hosted and thankful the family has been relocated to a new home.

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