Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Birthday Celebrations

I'm a little late on sharing this, but this past Friday was my Grandmother's birthday.  My grandfather's birthday is during the first week of November so we had them a little get together.   It was hosted at my aunt and uncles house.  They had a just finished a new addition a few months ago and were excited to have some company over.   And I must say, the new addition is ah-mazing. I'm in love!

Papaw trying to do Bunny Ears.
This is my Mamaw and Papaw. 

The definition of crazy barely describes my Mamaw, and she gets real excited when there's a bunch of people together.  She spent 30 minutes reading ever single word of her birthday cards to me and made sure I understood every saying. Haha.  Mom and Dad bought her a toothpick dispenser, the one with the little parrot that you push down and it picks up the toothpick in it's mouth.  My mamaw thought it was the cutest thing one day when they were out to eat, so mom and dad picked one up for her.  I wish now I would have got a picture of her with that toothpick dispenser!
This is my aunt and my mom.

This is my aunt and uncle and their little baby, Zoie.
Papaw and I
I know the picture quality is crap, but I had been at work all day and didn't have my good camera with me. There pictures will work just fine though!

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