Friday, October 11, 2013

Fashion Friday

Warning: This is my first attempt at an outfit post. Repeat, This is my first attempt.

I must say my first attempt at an outfit post turned out to be a very comical experience.  I picked out my currently favorite outfit and outside I went with my camera. I took a several terrible pictures, turned out with very few good pictures.

During this photo session outside in my front yard, some random dude pulls into my driveway trying to buy some old junk cars we have collected that are waiting to be restored. After telling him they are not for sale and him pouting a little right in front of me, he leaves and immediately some other guy pulls in to drop off a car to be worked on.  I was getting no where! And at this point was a little freaked out by the random dude that had blood pouring out of his ear, so I gave up on the photo session for the day.

and a blooper...

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, I think that would have freaked me out too.
    Definitely can't blame you for calling it a day.
    It makes me really self conscious about taking outfit posts. It makes me so anxious sometimes. good for you!