Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Great Smoky Mountains

Okay this goes to show you how much I suck at blogging. I wrote this post weeks ago and was to lazy to upload my pictures. I finally decided I needed to suck it up and get my pictures uploaded and document this fun vacation while I can. So better late than never...

I have recently returned from my yearly trip to the Smoky Mountains and I must say it was the best trip yet.  Every year we pack our bags and head to Pigeon Forge, TN for the Grand Rod Run. This is a large car show put on twice a year by the Grand hotel.  If you have been to Pigeon Forge before, imagine the entire strip being lined with classic cars. I'm telling you this place is full of them! Traffic is terrible and there is hardly any place to park, but it is AWESOME! This past year was our 6th year attending the Rod Run and we decided to focus our attention more on being in the Smokies than looking at the old cars, even though we did that too.

We left early Thursday morning and arrived in the Smokies around 10am. There were some scattered rain showers in the area but from the radar didn't appear to have any near us.  So we headed up the mountain like we had planned. I took some pictures with my new camera and we found a hiking trail to go on.

Once we were 1.5 miles from the truck, we go caught in a flood. Yes please, 1.5 miles away from the truck. We waited it out under the "arch rock" which was one of the destinations on the hike, for 30 minutes. We had no cell phone signal so no way to check the radar. After some discussion we decide it may never stop raining so we headed back to the truck. 1.5 miles in the rain. I just can't get over it! WE WERE SOAKED! I'm sure we wont ever forget that story! Once we made it back to Gatlinburg, we had a good laugh watching people jump back from the streets when people would run through the water puddles and splash the pedestrians.  It was hilarious. I wish I could have caught it on video.

That night a huge storm rolled in. It was one of the freakiest storms I have ever seen. Since there wasn't much else to do, we decided to go to the comedy barn since I hadn't ever been. It was great. I laughed until I cried. I highly recommend going to the comedy barn if you haven't ever been!

Friday, we spent the day at Dollywood. This was another place I hadn't ever been before. This theme park is pretty awesome. I has several good roller coasters and a ton of shows to watch. It also has a full size real train to tour the park.  This is another place I recommend you should go if you haven't ever been. It is so beautiful.

Saturday, we spent most of the day walking around looking at old cars.  We also made a trip to Gatliburg to sample the moonshine at the Great Smoky Mountain Distillery. I'm pretty weak when it comes to alcohol and I had a pretty good buzz by the time I sampled all the different types!  That night we ate at Bennett's BBQ, which is my favorite place to eat in the Smokies!

Sunday, we had to pack up our stuff and head home. I was so sad to leave since it was one of the best vacations I had ever been on!  I absolutely can't wait to the next trip I can take!

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