Sunday, September 29, 2013

That one time....

Let's talk about the time I prove my boyfriend wrong, the time I showed him I wasn't the blonde he thought I was. After months of embarrassment and jokes I can now laugh and say haha I'm not that big of an idiot.

So let me tell ya a story....

One day, Micah called me on his lunch break. He's heading to get his lunch at mcdonalds while he talks to me about his day and other random stuff.  As he is pulling in mcdonalds, our conversation goes a little something like this.

Micah: Hey, they are painting the redbox!

Me: oh really, what color?

Micah: really Kenya, what color do you think they are going to paint the REDbox, blue?

Me: I didn't know, I guess they could paint it any color they want.

Micah: rolling laughing 

For the next several months, he tells every person he sees. "Hey, meet my girlfriend Kenya. She asked me what color they painted the Redbox!!" Yeah complete embarrassement.

Then one day....

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