Friday, June 7, 2013

Purpose of my blog

I've had a very hard time focusing on blogging. I decided to take a step back and reevaluate what I wanted from my blog. I soon realized I didn't want a "fashion" blog or a "craft blog, etc. I just want a blog that I can share my memories. A blog that I can look back on and remember what I was doing in that period of my life.

I believe this is what I really wanted from the start but I was so focused on getting followers and making my blog popular I lost sight of the whole reason I started this blog. I want to remember all the small details that go along with life's milestones. Hopefully now I can actually have this blog the way I really want it.

My favorite thing about summer is FLOWERS! I am literally obsessed. Pretty much any time I go anywhere I have to come home with a new flower. I just get so excited thinking about it haha! Sometime ago I found a pin on pinterest of this porch setting and I noticed antique coke crates sitting like they are in my picture. I thought Hey that would look great with some flowers in it!
On Memorial day we went to this huge flea market and found a ton of coke crates. I only wanted four but ended up getting a deal that I couldn't pass up so I ended up with four. You can always use coke crates to decorate.
Once I got home, I stacked my crates and added my pot of impatients.  Something looked a little off about it so I added 3 little pots of ivy and some burlap around my pot of impatients.  It looks great now! I couldn't be happier with it!
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