Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Little Lonely Peony

My poor, poor, neglected blog! Oh how I miss you and not to worry, I do think about you often! Have you missed me? Things have been SUPER crazy since I last wrote because Spring is here! Thank God spring is here! Spring, Flowers and being outside is definitely a high priorty to me. I definitely have a problem with my addiction to flowers, and the past couple of weeks I have been planning and planting all types of different flowers.  That could be one of the reasons I have been missing in action(plus work and school take up alot of time too). I have got to learn how to be more active with this blog!

So yesterday, I was looking at my little lonely peony over in the corner all by its little self. As it sits right not no one even notices it or just thinks its an overgrown weed haha! So I thought I would give it a little spicing up.  Sorry for the phone pictures, I wasn't planning on posting this.

Here's the after picture.  I used some of these edging rocks that a friend gave me, mulch, impatients and repurposed some decor.  Isn't it just beautfiul. I am in love! And it'll look amazing once those impatient start growing!

This was the before on the decor thing(don't really know what else to call it) I used. The wooden box it was sitting in was falling apart, there was no longer any paint on it and that stuff in the middle was just plain ugly.  Therefore I repurposed it into a yard ornament.
Thanks for stopping by today! Hope you enjoyed the visit! Come back now ya hear!

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