Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Displaying Memories

Pinspiraton has struck again!  The amount of time I spend on pinterest is unmeasurable.  I have ran across several pins of people framing old doilies, scarfs and various other things, and just skipped right over it without pinning, liking or giving it a minutes thought.  However, something about those pins stuck with me and I kept thinking about what a neat idea it was. Of course, if you see anything on pinterest you like you better pin it then because chances are you will never find it again.  I never could find a pin like the one I had seen again, so I just winged it.

I  had found several old scarfs in my late grandmothers house which has been vacant for 12 years now. Surprisingly they were in perfect shape. I also found some pretty gross old frames as well.  I wanted to display these scarfs some way so their beauty could be remembered and not forgotten. So the work began.

 I ripped the old frames apart, washed them up, and gave them some fresh ivory paint.  When it came time to place the scarfs in the frame something wasn't looking right.  Then I thought "well crap now what am I going to do." So into the family trunk I went and found these beautiful embroidery doilies and old quilt. 

Yes I know they don't look straight. I promise you they are. I took what seemed to be 100 pictures and each time a different one would look crooked, lower than the other or just not right all together. But anyhow, the embroidered doilies seen in the middle are actually believed to have been my great grandmothers, but they were found at my grandmothers house so there is no way to be for sure.  The old quilt was actually a quilt that didn't stand the test of time, it had holes all in it and was very dirty.

Nearly everything in this guest bedroom is vintage, including the bedroom suite.  The quilt on the bed was even made by my grandmother. This is just a great way to display all the heirlooms passed down in the family.

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  1. This is a wonderful idea. My aunt takes old jeans and makes adorable jean quilts for western style kids room. This project, although entirely different, reminds me of her quilts. Framed pieces of quilts make a lovely conversation piece as well as evoking memories. Thanks for sharing! Found you on Ginger Snap Crafts. Would love to have you visit me at Still Woods Farmhouse!