Friday, January 24, 2014

New Years Goal: Read 12 books (2/12)

I just finished my second book of my 12 book goal for 2014.  Labor Day by Joyce Maynard....if you haven't read it it's definitely a must read! 
It's a very unique love story and the movie is fixing to be released in theaters as well. I can not wait! 

I can not express how good this book is! I'll be reading all of Joyce Maynard's books ASAP! 
Heres the trailer for the upcoming movie!!
Next book: Dark Places by Gillian Flynn


  1. I think I should list the books I should read. I'd like to read books to but haven't yet for the year.
    -Expatriate Tax Services

  2. Hi sis such an awesome goal. In the last year I've really been slacking on my reading! I guess life just gets busy sometimes! I just found your blog and love it! I live in Kentucky too! Woohoo southern blogging!