Wednesday, April 9, 2014

St. Louis Supercross

A few weekends ago, Dex and I went to St. Louis for Supercross.  This was our second time going and we loved it!  I actually got way more into it this year and found myself cheering on the riders.
I thought it would be awesome to have a panorama of the track and the dome, but as you can tell I'm not the best with panorama pictures!

We had amazing seats! We couldn't see the whole track but what we could see we could see really good.  We spent almost the entire day at the arena watching the riders practice and we had pit passes where fans could get autographs. 
We didn't do a whole lot with the pit passes because that place was absolutely packed. You could hardly walk around let alone see anything.  But I did catch a glimpse at these little cuties and got Dex to find us a spot for a closer look.

These little guys got to race on the track, sign autographs and do everything like the pros. They were so cute. You could tell they were getting tired of signing autographs pretty quick though!

Once we got back to our room we were exhausted.  But it never fails, I got sick off the hot dog from the arena and was up nearly all night.  I swore I would never eat another hot dog again!

We came home the next day and I planted my Cherry tree and new Grape vines!  Hopefully I'll have my own little orchard one day.

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