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Hi, My name is Kenya. Welcome to my blog.  Anything goes on my blog, I have so many things I love to do how can you narrow it down to just one thing to blog about.

My blog was created so that I can document the major happenings in my life along with some of the smaller fun stuff too.  So many major life events are still ahead of me, engagement, wedding, building or buying a house, having children. What better place to share those events than on here with ya'll!

Want to know more about me? Here ya go...

I live in a very small town in Kentucky. // I have been dating my high school sweetheart for 7 years.// I love crafting and cooking(although cooking was a rocky start).// Trying new things and going new places is my favorite thing to do.//  Sitting on the front porch reading a good book is my way of relaxing. //  I love being outside and enjoying the sunshine.//

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  1. So nice to meet you!!
    I just found your blog! & I am excited to now be following! I look forward to keeping up and getting to know you better!!