Thursday, January 10, 2013

Second attempt!

I have always wanted my own blog. Following other bloggers and seeing their lives unfold online inspires me try it out as well. So what better time to try blogging again than at the start of a new year. I hope this fresh start will motivate me to get things done, share it with others and gain support from other bloggers! So here we go...

I think I'll start my first official post with some goals I have set for 2013!
The first goal I have set for myself is to becoming an all around better person. I want to be a more positive person and find something good in even my worst days. I also want to learn to let go and allow God to do his work. Trusting in God could improve my life drastically if I could quit planning every moment of my life and allow God to live through me.

The next couple of goals are not quite as deep. I would like to get a little closer to owning my own home and starting a family. And in the meantime I would like to run a 5k.

So hopefully I can meet these goals and you can follow along on this journey with me!

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