Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dog Days of Spring

Happy first day of spring ya'll! I absolutely can't wait for the warmer weather, beautiful flowers, and days full of hiking and enjoying nature! It's a beautiful day in Kentucky but still to cold to spend time outside. So I thought I'd try out a craft I found on Decor and the Dog.

  Originally I found this on pinterest.

I wasn't sure on how to make this and I'm not crafty enough to figure it out without a detailed tutorial. So I let the idea go, until the other day when I stumbled across Decor and The dog's tutorial!

Okay, so I'm not the best at sewing and I'm definitely still learning. So I wont be showing any of my messing "progress" pictures. But, here it is finished!

My babies were so excited, all except Cliff!

This is Rilee

This is Dura

And this handsome little man is Cliff.

Aren't they so cute with their little green bowties! To bad I didn't think of this for St. Patricks day!

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