Sunday, July 21, 2013

Thoughts on Pallet Gardens...They Suck

Back in March I wrote a 30 before 30 post which you can find here.  One of the things I wanted to do was grow a garden.  I didn't really want to go through all the hard work of actually tilling the land and all that great stuff so I found some interesting ways to garden on Pinterest. 

Pallet Gardens.

So basically, all a pallet garden is, is a pallet with a bunch of dirt in it. Then you plant your fruits or vegetables in between the planks of wood.  This seemed like an awesome idea at first. But turned out to be a crappy one real quick.

Reason #1 why pallet gardens suck.
They dry out super quick.  Since pallet gardens are basically container gardening they loose moisture quick. Therefore requiring much more frequent watering. And of course where I chose to place my pallet garden there is no source of water except rain water.

Reason #2 why pallet gardens suck.
They need to be fertilized frequently. Since there is only a small amount of dirt in the pallet the plants use up the nutrient real quick. Therefore fertilizing becomes a must.  This is something I have definitely scrimped on, making my veggies kinda sorry looking.

Reason #3 why pallet gardens suck.
You have to fill the dang pallet up with dirt. That had to be the worst part of the whole experience. I didn't want to spend a bunch of money on dirt to fill up my pretty good size pallet so I dug up dirt. and  I needed a WHOLE bunch of dirt. 

There are several reasons why pallet gardens would be a good thing but I have already decided they suck and will be having just a plain ole garden next year!


  1. But it doesn't look like you got any weeds! That's a plus. Also they are in nice pretty straight lines :). But, all in all it still sounds like just as much work as a regular garden and even more money. I hate gardening because I basically just suck at it but you seem like you are motivated and know what you're doing so more power to you!! I'm sure your garden will be perfect next year!

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