Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Spray Painting Wicker furniture

This is a pretty nice chair you say. Well let me start by saying. It didn't look this good at first and needed a little bit of work... So here's the story.

Some of the best yard sale finds are wicker furniture. You don't have to be picky about the color because you can easily spray paint it.

I found this wicker chair at a yard sale for $5. I didn't have a plan for it at the time but I did shortly after.
I test sprayed the chair to make sure this was the right color first.

Once I made sure I had the right color, I primed the chair. I used some kilz I had from a project I did a few years ago. Then spray painted some light coats and let it dry. 

Now it's ready to go in the sun room with the rest of the furniture. 

This room looks so good now. Since I took this picture, the table in the corner and the wicker chair have switched places and looks more functional.

Our "sun room" has become our most favorite room in the house, if there was a TV out there I don't think we would ever go inside!


  1. Hello, Kenya! It's so nice to meet you!! :) I just followed you via Bloglovin! I hope you follow back....can't wait to be blog buds :)

  2. Hi there! What kind of spray paint did you use? Thanks!

  3. Hi there! What kind of spray paint did you use? Thanks!

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