Saturday, August 31, 2013

Choosing my Perfect Match

Okay, I'm pretty sure I have mentioned how bad I have been wanting a DSLR camera. I literally can't stop thinking about anything else other than a new camera. I'm constantly looking for good deals and something that would be affordable. And I've gotten to the point I'm not real sure what to buy.

Recently, a person I work with brought their new Canon Rebel T3i to work and let me play with it for a little bit. He showed me how to operate it and let me take a few pictures and I must say I was IN LOVE! So every since then I have been set on buying a T3i, until I finally sign papers on my land and was welcomed into the world of debt.

So thanks to this new life of living with debt, I don't really want to fork out $600 on a T3i if I'm not even sure how much I'll  use it, and if I'll ever figure out how to use it. Therefore I've been thinking about going with a slightly used cheaper option.

I have been considering a Canon T3, or a XSI. I thought about a T2i for a little bit but decided if I was going to fork out that kind of money, I might as well spend a little extra and get the T3i.

So let me hear some of your opinions...

I don't think the T3 would be much of a noticeable difference to someone who has never owned a DSLR, but I have never even messed with a canon XSi.

What would you all do?!?


  1. Ok so I know nothing about cameras....but I've been wanting one too! I need to learn, because I think it would drastically change the quality of my blog pics...BUT I don't have the money either. Have you considered looking on Craigslist? I checked a while back and a lot of them are photographers who are upgrading, so there's nothing wrong with the cameras. Just something to keep in mind :)

    1. My blog was the main motivating factor for buying one. I know my pictures will look so much better with a DSLR. I have been stalking craigslist postings for weeks now, waiting for a great deal!

  2. My first DSLR was the Rebel XSI and is great to learn on! Be sure and check WalMart and Target for the bundles they offer on the T3 and T3i. This is where my roommate got her T3 and she loves it.

    1. How did you like your XSI, that's the camera I'm leaning towards!